Help Us Celebrate 60 Years of Service!

AMBER Introduces ICE

To commemorate Amber's Anniversary Year and to give back to the community they serve, the organization is introducing the preparedness concept called:  "ICE"

ICE stands for "In Case of Emergency"  

Amber has decided that helping others being prepared for life's emergencies is an important part of their service to the community. It will also help us in the delivery of Emergency Medical Services to you by providing our medics critical   information about you that could increase your chances of surviving a life threatening emergency.

Stay tuned for more information on how you or your organization, business, farm or family can participate in this important and worthwhile public service project.

Once again, Amber has been "first" in doing this for the community we serve - friends, family, visitors alike. We appreciate your generosity in the recent fund raising effort where we introduced ICE to our community members. 

If you need more ICE Cards, send an email, contact a member of the corp or just stop by the Fire House on Amber Road and we will be happy to give you more!

Learn about smart-ICE